Recomputing Ownership Data

After you make changes to Consolidation Methods range settings, you must recompute the POV-specific ownership data. A warning message will be displayed at the top of the Manage Ownership screen if the data has not been recomputed.

You must also recompute ownership data after the Database is refreshed, regardless of whether changes were made to the entity structure, unless the DeltaDBRefresh Substitution Variable has been created and set to "True". If the DeltaDBRefresh Substitution Variable has been set to "True" and changes are made to the entity structure, then after the required Database Refresh you must recompute ownership, but recomputation will not be required for other metadata changes.

To recompute Ownership data:

  1. On the Home page, click Application, then Consolidation, and then click Manage Ownership.
  2. Select Actions, and then select Recompute Ownership Data.

  3. Select the Scenario, Year and Period(s) to recompute.

    Note that recomputation will be applied to the selected period and all subsequent periods.

    Also note that if a recomputation of a POV is necessary, a consolidation of that POV will not complete until the Ownership data is recomputed.

  4. Click Recompute.

  5. From the Recomputation success message, click OK.


When the ownership data is recomputed, if the process takes longer than 60 seconds, then the remainder of the process will be continued in the background and you can navigate to other screens if required. To view the progress of the process, open the Jobs console.