Managing Consolidation Rule-sets and Rules

You can create new rule-sets and rules, or copy existing items, either seeded system rule-sets or user-created rule-sets.

You must be an Administrator to create, edit, import, export, or delete consolidation rule-sets and rules.

To manage consolidation rule-sets and rules:

  1. On the Home page, click Application and then click Consolidation.

  2. From the Consolidation Process page, select the Consolidated tab, and then select Configurable Consolidation.

By default, the Manage Consolidation Rules page lists all the available consolidation rules and rule-sets and displays the total number by the selected filter options.

Seeded system rule-sets are initially available in an un-deployed state. These rule-sets can be deployed or un-deployed as required. You can view seeded rule-sets and rules, but you cannot modify them. You can, however, copy a seeded rule-set and then modify and deploy the copy.

Manage Consolidation Rules screen

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