Consolidation Strings

The following sections list the consolidation strings that can be used in consolidation rule-sets and rules. Consolidation strings provide logical references and can be selected from the dimension member selector.

To include consolidation strings:

  1. Create a rule or rule-set.

    See Creating Consolidation Rule-sets and Creating Consolidation Rules.

  2. From the bottom of the Member Selector dialog box, select Members.

  3. From the drop-down options, select Consolidation Strings, then select a string.

  • #Legal Company#

    The Legal Company string determines whether the current Entity or Intercompany member represents a Legal Company. All base entities are Legal Companies.

    You can use the Legal Company string for the Entity or Intercompany dimensions in a rule condition or in the Source POV.

  • #Any ICP that is a descendant of the current parent#

    This string can be used in the Intercompany dimension Source POV and restricts the in-scope data-set to those data-points that have an Intercompany dimension entry that represents a descendant of the parent entity of the Entity currently being processed.

    An entity that has a transaction with itself as the I/C partner would meet the above criteria at every level of an Org Structure. For example, if a transaction is posted for Entity X and also its Intercompany Partner X, then that transaction meets the criteria at its first parent, the next parent and every subsequent parent, because both the entity and itself are both always descendants of the entity's parent (or subsequent ancestor).

    #Sibling/Descendants of Sibling# An entity that has a transaction with itself as the I/C partner would not meet the above criteria unless there were two instances of a shared entity in two branches of an Org Structure. In order to meet this criteria, the I/C partner must "meet" the entity from a different branch of the org structure.

  • #Source POV Entity#

    This string can be used in the Intercompany dimension redirection. The Intercompany member used to write the data will be the Intercompany equivalent to the Entity in the Source POV ("ICP_<Source POV Entity>").

    If the Source POV Entity has not been designated as a valid Intercompany member (and the "ICP_<Source POV Entity>" member does not exist), then the redirection will be ignored and the data will be written to the Source POV Intercompany member. If the Source POV Intercompany member is a parent member, then the rule and consolidation process will fail.