Consolidation Journal Referential Integrity

To prevent referential integrity problems from occurring in Consolidation journals, Financial Consolidation and Close verifies and prevents the deletion of any metadata member that is referenced in a journal.

The system verifies member deletion from these dimensions for referential integrity:

  • Account

  • Currency

  • Entity

  • Movement

  • MultiGAAP

  • Period

  • Scenario

  • View

  • Year

  • When you delete a dimension member from the application (using either the Simplified or Classic Dimension Editor), the system displays a confirmation message asking you to confirm that you want to delete the member.

  • If the member is referenced in a journal, the system displays the following error message and the member is not deleted.

    Failed to delete member XXX because member is referred to in Journal(s) XXX.

The system also verifies and prevents updates to the Account Type property.

  • You cannot update the Account Type property for a member if the member is used in a Submitted, Approved, or Posted journal.

  • You can switch between the Asset and Expense Account Type properties, and switch between the Revenue, Liability, and Equity properties of a member referenced in a journal, regardless of the journal state (working or non-working).