Preserving Consolidation Journal User Information

The Preserve Journal User Names configuration task enables you to maintain Consolidation journal user information in the application regardless of whether the user has changed roles or is no longer with the company. It preserves the user names of existing workflow entries, such as who created, submitted, approved, or posted the journal, and enables you to view the user names in Journal Reports and Journal History.

To run this configuration task, you must be a Service Administrator.

To preserve Consolidation journal user information:

  1. On the Home page, click Application and then click Configuration.

  2. Click Preserve Journal User Names.

  3. From the Preserve User Names for Journal Workflow screen, click Launch.

  4. From the warning message, click OK.

  5. The task is launched as a job and can take a long time based on the amount of data. You can view the status in the Jobs console.