Managing Intercompany Matching Reports

Intercompany Matching reports help you track intercompany transactions for analysis and auditing purposes. They show matches for entities and intercompany partner dimensions that have been set up with the Intercompany attribute enabled.

As part of the consolidation process, a company eliminates transactions between related entities and partners. Intercompany Matching reports help you ensure that these Entity and Partner intercompany transactions are matched correctly.


To run Intercompany Matching reports, the Intercompany feature must be enabled. If it is not, the Intercompany Reports tab is not displayed.

For details on security access to reports, see "Security for Intercompany Matching Reports".

When you run an Intercompany report, you can display or suppress dimension members, and data cells associated with a specific variance. See Setting Up Intercompany Matching Reports.

Watch this video to learn more about managing intercompany matching reports.

video icon Creating Intercompany Matching Reports