Creating Supplemental Data Ad-Hoc Forms

When creating Supplemental Data Form templates, Administrators can specify whether the template can be used for creating Ad-Hoc forms, and then select the users who are allowed to create the forms. Users who have been assigned the proper security rights can then create Supplemental Data Forms from the template as needed.

To create a Supplemental Data Ad-Hoc Form:

  1. From Tasks, select Supplemental Data Tasks.

  2. Select members for the POV, including Year, Period, and Scenario.

    When you select the POV values, the system loads the Form Templates that are deployed to the same collection period. If there are multiple templates, they will all be loaded, and if any of them have been qualified for Ad-Hoc Form creation, the Create +) icon is enabled.

  3. For Template, select the template for which the Ad-Hoc Form needs to be created.

  4. Click on the Create (+) icon to create an Ad-Hoc Form.


    The Template must be deployed before you can create an Ad-Hoc Form.

  5. Select an Entity and select users for the workflow options (Prepare, Prepare Approve, Prepare Approve Post).


    The Form Preparer and Approver cannot be the same for Ad-Hoc Form creation.

  6. Click OK.

    The Ad-Hoc Form is created and opened for data entry.