Entering Data into Supplemental Data Forms

You can enter data into Supplemental Data forms using these methods:

  • Input it manually

  • Import it from a file

  • Enter it using Excel

Data is stored in its base format with as much detail as was input. For example, if you enter $123,456.789 in a currency field formatted with two decimal digits and no thousands separator, the number is stored as 123456.789 but redisplayed as $123456.79.

Form columns and rows are displayed in data entry mode. You can select the entry in the POV bar for data entry. If multiple data entry sections are defined on the form template, a corresponding data entry tab is displayed for each section.

If you import data, you can use either the Replace or Update options.

  • Replace - Clears any data within the form and replaces it with the values from the source file. Any fields absent in the source file will be blank in the form after the import process.

  • Update - Updates only the values that are included in the source file. Other values are not affected.

To enter data in Supplemental Data forms:

  1. On the Home page, click Tasks.
  2. Select a Supplemental Data Form from your worklist or from within the Supplemental Data Tasks.
  3. Enter data for the form:
    • If the form has a header section, you can enter data into the fields in the header.
    • If the form has detail sections, click Add (+) to add detail rows and enter data.
  4. Optional: Click Refresh to refresh the form data.
  5. When you are done with the form, select an available action, for example, Submit, Approve, or Reject.
  6. Optional: From the Action drop-down, select Print to print the form.
  7. Optional: From the Action drop-down, select Import to import form data.
    1. Click Browse, and then navigate to the file you want to import.
    2. Select one of these options: Replace to clear all data and replace it with the data from the source file, or Update to update only the data that is included in the source file.
    3. Select a Date Format from the drop-down list of allowed date formats.
    4. Select a File Delimiter for the import file: Comma or Tab.
    5. Click Import, and then from the Results screen, click OK.
      To clear the dialog and select another file to import, click Reset.
  8. Optional: To export the form data, from the Action drop-down, select Export and follow the prompts.