Invoices Landing Page

Use the Invoices landing page to perform various task when processing invoices. You can focus on invoices that require your attention through one of the 6 infotiles displayed on the Invoices landing page.

You can view and edit the incomplete invoices, view the ones recently added, view or release holds and approvals, and review prepayments and payments due.

Start by signing in, clicking the Payables icon, and then click the Invoices icon. This brings you to the Invoices landing page where the following infotiles are displayed and described:

  • Scanned: Invoices that have been recorded in the application through scanning and are incomplete.

  • Recent: The number of invoices that have been updated and recently added.

  • Holds: Displays the number of invoices put on hold and categorized by the type of holds that have been applied.

  • Approvals: Invoices are displayed that are going through the various approval stages defined by you.

  • Prepayments: Displayed in aging buckets defined by you're the available prepayments for invoices.

  • Payments: Indicates by currency the total amount due for payment.

Viewing the overall status of the invoices enables you to take the appropriate action to process the invoices. You can perform the following actions for each infotile:

  • Scanned invoices are arranged in aging buckets, when you click any of the numbers those invoices are displayed in a table. Notice they're assigned to a specialist for processing. If you're the specialist, you can process the invoice. In the event they're assigned to other specialist you can follow-up with them on processing the invoice.

  • Recent invoices that were updated or created in the last 7 days are displayed. The slice shows the part of invoices that still need to be validated. Clicking on the number displays those invoices in the next table.

  • The Holds infotile indicates the types of holds placed on the invoice. The invoice data needs to be corrected to resolve the validation holds. Holds are displayed by the type and require review and release, usually by a manager. Clicking the linked type displays those invoices in the next table. You can configure the infotile to display the count over 7 days (default view), 15 days, 30 days, or for all time.

  • The Approvals infotile displays invoices pending, others, and rejected approvals. You might have invoices you can approve, you can track the pending approvals from other, and those that have been rejected. Clicking on the category displays the invoices in the next table.

  • Prepayments categorize available prepayment that can be applied to invoices. Categorizing them is based on aging buckets defined by you, the number of available payments are displayed in each aging bucket. Clicking on the number in the bucket displays the invoices in the next table.

  • The Payments infotile displays the total amount due for invoices in the next 7 days. Clicking the amount displays the invoices due in the next table.