Budgetary Control Validation of Receivables Receipts

Standard receipts with an application and miscellaneous receipts are budgetary controlled in Receivables subleger when the transactions are saved and closed.

The applied amount for standard receipts and receipt amount for miscellaneous receipts impact the cash budget as adjusted budget balance.

Funds are also updated in the cash budget when:
  • A standard receipt with an application is updated, unapplied, or reversed.
  • A miscellaneous receipt is reversed or deleted.
The budget account is determined as follows:
  • The natural account is the cash account on the receipt method’s remittance bank account.
  • All other segments are the revenue distribution account.
The following receipt applications aren't budgetary controlled and don't fund the cash budget:
  • Invoices and debit memos from business units implementing Revenue Management
  • Invoices with contingency
  • Invoices with revenue schedules
  • Invoices for Bills Receivable
  • Debit memos with source debit memo reversal

Accounting created for cleared receipts are not budgetary controlled in General Ledger because the cash natural account from the remittance bank account is budgetary controlled in Receivables. These journals have a funds status of Reserved in subledger. Accounting created for confirmed or remitted receipts are still budgetary controlled in General Ledger.