Copying Data

You can copy plans from one dimensional intersection to another, including relational data and supporting detail. For example, you can copy Budget, FY10, Final to Forecast, FY11, First Draft.


  • Selected Copy Data settings are preserved for the current session only.

  • Copied dimension members must be present in the selected cubes.

  • Data must be copied into cells that can accept data. For example, you can't copy data into read-only or dynamic cells.

  • You can copy account annotations, supporting detail, and cell text.

  • You can't use this feature with attributes, so don't select attributes to be copied.

  • Because this is an administrative function, the application assumes you have full access to data you copy.

  • This feature doesn't calculate data. To perform calculations, such as increasing the forecast by 5%, apply the business rule after copying data.

  • For Copy Data to be successful, you must select at least one member for Scenario, Account, Entity, Period, and Version dimensions.

  • Copy Data is enabled for block storage and aggregate storage cubes.

To copy data:

  1. Click the Navigator icon Navigator icon, and then under Actions, click Copy Data.
  2. In Cube, select a cube.

    Dimensions are displayed for this cube. You can only copy from one cube at a time.

  3. In Copy Data Options, select the type of information to copy.
  4. Under Static Dimensions, select the members for the data intersections:
    1. For Dimension, select a dimension from which to copy.
    2. For Members, click Member Selector icon to make a selection from which to copy. You can select multiple members. You must select at least one member for Scenario, Account, Entity, Period, and Version dimensions.
  5. Optional: To add another static dimension to the list, click Add Dimension icon and select dimension members.


    To remove a dimension, select Select Dimension. The dimension moves to the Dimensions with Source and Destination area.

  6. In Dimensions with Source and Destination, enter dimensions into which to copy data.

    In Source and Destination click Member Selector icon.

  7. Click Copy Data.

    Data is copied from one intersection to the other. If data isn't copied successfully, a message is displayed. You can also check the log file.

  8. To copy data for another cube, select another cube in step 2, and repeat the procedure.