Editing and Canceling Jobs

You can edit the schedule for pending jobs, and delete pending and complete jobs. You can't modify or delete jobs that are processing.

To edit or delete jobs:

  1. Click Application, and then click Jobs.
  2. To change when a job runs, click actions icon, then Edit and modify the schedule.


    When changing the frequency of a job, the job will not run at the new frequency until the next time it runs at the previous frequency; for example, if the job is set up to recur daily and you change the frequency to hourly, the job won't start running at the new hourly frequency until after the scheduled daily job runs the next day. If you want the job to begin running at the new frequency sooner, Oracle recommends that you delete the scheduled job and create a new one.

  3. To delete jobs, select them, click actions icon, and then Delete.