Selecting UDAs as Members

You can select members for forms based on a common attribute, which you have defined as a user-defined attribute (UDA). Before you can associate the UDA with a form, you must create the UDA. See Working with UDAs.

When you create forms with UDAs, any members that are assigned to the UDA are dynamically added to the form. For example, if you create a UDA called New Products and assign this UDA to the new products in the Product dimension hierarchy, the form will automatically display the new products at runtime.

To select UDAs for forms:

  1. Create the form (see Creating Forms).
  2. On Member Selection, click the Variables tab, expand the UDAs, and then select the UDAs the same way you select members, using the arrows to move UDAs to and from the Selected Members.

    UDAs are displayed for the current dimension only. When selected, a UDA is preceded by UDA. For example:

    UDA(New Products)

  3. Click OK.