Selecting User Variables as Members

User variables act as filters in forms, enabling users to focus only on certain members, such as a department. Before you can associate a user variable with a form, you must create the user variable. See Managing User Variables.

When you create forms with user variables, users must select values for the variable before opening forms. For example, if you create a user variable called Division, users must select a division before working in the form. The first time you select a variable for a form, you do it in preferences. Afterward, you can update the variable in preferences or in the form.

To select user variables for forms:

  1. Create the form (see Creating Forms).
  2. On Member Selection, click the Variables tab, expand User Variables, and then select user variables the same way you select members, using the arrows to move user variables to and from Selected Members.

    User variables are displayed for the current dimension. For example, user variables for the Entity dimension might display as follows:

    Division = [User Variable]

    When selected, a user variable is preceded by an ampersand. For example:


  3. Click OK.