Search Logic Profile Options for Client List of Values

You can use the logic <codeph>CONTAINS</codeph> to create the client list of values. This returns results containing the characters you enter.

Optionally, for individual list of values, you could change this logic to <codeph>STARTS WITH</codeph>, to return results that start with the search characters you enter.

For example, when you search for a person with the name John Smith while using the logic CONTAINS, you can search by 'jo' or 'sm' or 'th'. When you use the logic STARTS WITH, your search must start with 'j'.

Use the logic STARTS WITH when your list contains thousands of values (more than 15,000 records) to improve the search performance. Or, if you don't partition your data by set ID.

Note: If you change the search logic for a client list of values, the logic changes in all pages where the list of values is used.