Submit a Flow

Use the Submit a Flow page to submit a flow. You can submit these flow types from the flow submission page:

  • Process, such as Calculate Payroll. This type of flow has a single task.

  • Report, such as the Run Payroll Activity Report. This type of flow has a single task.

  • Data Load, such as a task that loads payroll setup objects into the Oracle HCM Cloud application stage tables.

  • Task Flow, such as the Payroll Cycle, which lists the payroll tasks to complete for a payroll period in a best practice flow.

Navigate to My Client Groups > Payroll from your Home page and click Submit a Flow under the Flow Submission and Results section. The Submit a Flow page opens.

What You Can Do on the Submit a Flow Page

Search on the flow pattern name or use the filters on this page to select the flow pattern you want to submit. Use the Show Filters field to view the fields on which you can filter.

Select an LDG to narrow your search to flows specific to the selected LDG.

After you search and select the flow, the Submit a Flow page opens. Follow these steps to submit the flow from this page:

  1. Enter a name for the instance of the flow that you're about to submit. For example, if you're submitting the Calculate Payroll flow pattern for a weekly payroll run, enter a flow name that uniquely identifies the payroll run, such as 'Weekly Payroll 10/10/19'.

    Note: It's best practice to enter a name that includes the payroll period, so that it's easier to identify later.
  2. Use the Parameters section to enter the flow parameters, including, process date, run type, and payroll. The flow pattern controls which parameters are available on the page.

    Enter part of the parameter value in the Person or Location field to quickly search for a specific person or location. These fields have Type to Search text displayed on the Flow Submission page and allows you to quickly retrieve a specific value. This quick search functionality is automatically enabled for the person and location parameters on the Flow Submission page only for seeded flow.

    For user-defined flows, use the Run Feature Upgrade flow at the enterprise level to enable this functionality for the person and location parameters. Select Flow Parameters for lazy load in the Feature field of the flow.

    Note: This functionality is disabled if you have set any defaulting value on a flow parameter irrespective of this functionality being enabled or not for the parameter.
  3. Use the Schedule section to schedule the flow. You can use a predefined schedule if available or select 'As soon as possible' to run the flow as soon as you submit the flow.

  4. Use the Linked Flows section to link another flow to your current flow, or link your current flow to another flow. Your data security access controls which flows you can view and submit, and therefore, which flows you can connect. For more information, refer to the 'Examples of Linking Flows' topic in the Help Center.

  5. If you have enabled logging, a message appears on the page to indicate that logging is enabled. Before submission of the flow, either disable logging of the default group or select another process configuration group that doesn't have logging enabled. For more information, refer to 'Enable Logging for Payroll Flows ' topic in the Help Center.

When you submit the flow, you're taken to the Checklist page. Monitor and manage the tasks within the flow from the Checklist page.

For more information, refer to the 'Checklist and Flow Tasks' topic in the Help Center.