Register a Firehose Service

Firehose enables third-parties to build a service that receives a notification when a marketer performs an action in Eloqua. This is essentially a web-hook that will be triggered when a marketer does things like creating or editing a campaign, or creating or updating an email etc.

Service Details

These fields are present for all services:

  • Name: the name of the service
  • Description: describes what the service does
  • 32x32px Icon: the URL of the icon that Eloqua should display for your service. The URL must be https://

Firehose Settings

An image of the firehose service field options

  • Notification URL: the URL that Eloqua will call out to with the notification. This is a templated URL.
  • Subscribed Events: defines which events trigger a call out to the external application. The service configuration page includes a list of valid asset types and the event types supported for each asset, as well as examples of valid patterns.

When you’re done configuring your service, click Save. A green alert message will appear at the top of the page indicating the service has been successfully saved.

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