App Developer Framework

The Oracle Eloqua AppCloud developer framework is a complete development platform where you can easily build, register, and deploy apps for Eloqua. With new and improved service types which take advantage of Eloqua's bulk API, support for OAuth, and the ability to test your applications with Eloqua prior to launch, the Oracle Eloqua app developer framework provides the environment needed to put apps first.

The framework allows third parties to register and manage the integrations that they build for Eloqua right from their own Eloqua development instance. It also offers common, repeatable patterns for building apps that extend the functionality of Eloqua, providing a consistent, seamless experience for the marketing user.


  • App keys and OAuth2
  • Test apps inside your development instance before going live
  • Selective whitelististing so you can run betas on your apps before release
  • Improved processing speeds with the bulk API
  • A seamless flow for app installation and configuration
  • 6 Oracle Eloqua app service types to support your different goals. For more details, see service types.


To get started with the Oracle Eloqua app developer framework:

  1. Register as a provider in your Eloqua development instance. This gives you provider credentials that you can use to develop apps that interact with Eloqua.
  2. Develop an app.
  3. Register your app with Eloqua by providing a series of templated URLs that Eloqua uses to call out to your app. See the register services guide for details about what URL parameters you should include in each templated URL so that you will receive the data you need to do whatever your app does.
  4. Publish the app to specific Eloqua instances or as a general release.
  5. Whitelist a site and share your app's install URL so that the site's administrator can install the app and let marketers start using it.