Get started with the App Developer Framework

The Oracle Eloqua app developer framework is designed to make it easy to start working with the framework with minimal setup effort required. Once you have registered as a provider and ensured that your Eloqua user has sufficient permissions, you are ready to start developing an app!


  • An Eloqua instance in which you have registered as a provider.

    Note: If you are an external partner and want to publish your app on the Oracle CX Marketplace, see Becoming a Partner and Planning App Development to learn how to submit your app proposal before requesting an Eloqua Sandbox.

  • Sufficient user permissions: the user making calls against Eloqua's APIs must have Advanced Users - Marketing permissions granted in the security groups section of the user management area of Eloqua.

Creating a provider

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Registering as a provider

To register as a provider, log in to your Eloqua instance, and click Settings > AppCloud Developer.

An image of the Eloqua AppCloud Developer page

Enter your company's information in the welcome page:

An image of the App Developer page in Eloqua when creating a provider for the first time

  • Name: Your provider name. You might want to use your company name.
  • Website URL: Your company website. This is optional.
  • Support email address: The email address users should use to contact you if there are issues with your app.
  • Support phone number: A phone number where you can be contacted if there are problems with your app.

Click Create Provider > Save, and you’re all set up as a provider. Your unique GUID-based provider External ID is displayed.

Edit provider information

You can edit this information by clicking Edit Provider.

An image of the Edit Provider button in the App Developer area

The Edit Provider Profile page lists your provider information.

An image of the Edit Provider Profile page in Eloqua

Next steps

Once you register as a provider, read the service descriptions to determine which ones you want to implement in your app, read about URL templating, and then consider the develop an app.