Becoming a Partner and Planning App Development

This topic explains how to become an Oracle Partner Network (OPN) member to start publishing apps on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. On this page, External partners are defined as entities outside of Oracle who want to develop apps for the Eloqua App Framework.

The steps to plan an app are:

  1. Evaluation & Onboarding

  2. Access Developer Resources

  3. Build and Test Your App

  4. Review Your App

  5. Release Your App

Step 1 - Evaluation & Onboarding

  1. Submit the details of your proposed app using the evaluation form. If approved, the Eloqua Apps team will advise you to continue with the process.

  2. Join the Oracle Partner Network. Applicable only to external partners. Oracle entities interested in developing generic apps for Eloqua on the App Framework can ignore this step.

    Note: Make sure to accept the Oracle CIA (Oracle Cloud Interoperability Appendum). This is a prerequsite for getting sandbox account access.

Step 2 - Access Developer Resources

  1. Request access to an Eloqua Sandbox account (applicable only if you do not have your own Eloqua instance and you are an external partner who has already joined OPN and signed the CIA)

  2. Join the Eloqua AppCloud Insiders Developer Community.

  3. Access other useful developer resources:

Step 3 - Build and Test Your App

  1. You are now ready to build your app. Make use of all the developer resources provided in the Eloqua Developer Help Center.

  2. For any questions during app development, post them on the Eloqua AppCloud Insiders to get help from our tech experts and community members.

  3. After you have developed your app and are ready to test, you must first Register your App with Eloqua.

  • The infrastructure for hosting the app is the responsibility of the App Provider.

  • The implementation of the Framework services are optional.

  • The use of OAuth Authentication to Eloqua APIs is required.

Step 4 - Review Your App

Before your submit your app for review, make sure you have thoroughly completed functional testing of your app.

  1. Next, complete and send the Compatibility Review Document to the Eloqua Apps team. Please make sure you have taken care of all aspects covered in the document. As part of the review process, the Eloqua Apps team may ask for additional information and/or a demonstration of the app.

Step 5 - Release Your App

Step 5.1 Prepare App Resources

Prepare the resources for your app's release such as:

  • Detailed user guide

  • Pitch deck, demo videos etc.

  • Customer on-boarding process

  • Support model

  • Enabling Oracle teams to showcase the app

Step 5.2 Publish Your App on the Marketplace

The Oracle Cloud Marketplace offers a platform for software vendors to show case their software that inter-operates with and extends Oracle CX Cloud (SaaS) Applications.

To publish your App on the Marketplace:

  1. Become a Cloud Marketplace Publisher.

    • You must be an OPN member with an login. If you are an OPN member, but you do not have an login, follow the New User registration to associate your login with your OPN Membership Company ID.

    • Ensure to select only the Oracle products you are providing an integrated application.

  2. Create a listing on the Cloud Marketplace following the Oracle Cloud Marketplace Listing Guidelines.

    1. Sign in to the Oracle Cloud Marketplace Partner Portal

    2. Click Home > Create Listing > Application Listing.

    3. In the Demo URL field, enter a video demonstration of your app hosted on YouTube or Vimeo.

    4. In the Additional Information tab from your app listing, complete and submit the following documents from the Get Templates section:

      • Security Questionnaire, Test Plan

      • Integrates-with Supplement - <Oracle CX Cloud Product> (required if your app is hosted on the Oracle Cloud)

      • Partner Supplied Template: Deployment Guide (describes how to install, setup, and configure your application with the Oracle CX Cloud product)

      Your listing may be returned for further editing to improve overall content or add/correct content. Reference the Marketplace Guidelines document for requirements and tips.

  3. Publish your Marketplace listing

    After the listing, video demonstration and technical documentation are submitted, your listing will be reviewed and approved by Oracle. You will receive a notice that your listing has been approved to publish. Now you can publish your listing within the Partner Portal!

    1. Select your listing under Submitted and click Publish.

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