Eloqua status codes

In addition to the standard HTTP status codes, Eloqua includes specific status codes to help inform you when performing operations with the their APIs. Each status code has a number, as well as a human-readable message.

Status Code Message Notes
ELQ-00001 Total records processed.  
ELQ-00002 Invalid email addresses.  
ELQ-00003 Total records remaining after duplicates are rejected.  
ELQ-00004 Contacts created.  
ELQ-00005 Accounts created.  
ELQ-00007 CustomObject data created.  
ELQ-00011 Duplicate email addresses.  
ELQ-00012 CustomObject data updated.  
ELQ-00013 Contacts deleted.  
ELQ-00014 Accounts deleted.  
ELQ-00016 Contacts email marked as bounced.  
ELQ-00017 Contacts email marked as unsubscribed.  
ELQ-00022 Contacts updated.  
ELQ-00023 Accounts updated.  
ELQ-00025 CustomObject data linked.  
ELQ-00026 Duplicate identifier.  
ELQ-00032 Malformed records.  
ELQ-00033 Email addresses created.  
ELQ-00034 Total unmatched records.  
ELQ-00035 Email addresses updated.  
ELQ-00048 Contact already exists.  
ELQ-00049 Total new records.  
ELQ-00055 Campaign not found.  
ELQ-00059 Empty records.  
ELQ-00060 Total rejected records.  
ELQ-00061 Rejected records (missing fields).  
ELQ-00062 Duplicate account linkage.  
ELQ-00067 CustomObject data deleted.  
ELQ-00068 Assets created.  
ELQ-00069 Activities created.  
ELQ-00070 Activity Type not found.  
ELQ-00072 Asset Type not found.  
ELQ-00077 Event data created.  
ELQ-00078 Event data linked.  
ELQ-00079 Event data updated.  
ELQ-00080 Event data deleted.  
ELQ-00081 Event data rejected.  
ELQ-00082 Added members to program canvas step {stepId}.  
ELQ-00084 Opportunity does not exist.  
ELQ-00085 Contact does not exist.  
ELQ-00101 Sync processed for sync {syncId}, resulting in {status} status.  
ELQ-00102 Successfully exported members to csv file.  
ELQ-00103 Membership snapshot for export.  
ELQ-00104 Successfully converted file {file} ({kbUsed} kb) with {converter} converter.  
ELQ-00105 Error processing import staging file {file} on sync {syncId} for user {userId}. Delete data from staging area for the definition, re-upload data, and sync. If the same error occurs again you can submit an SR to investigate.
ELQ-00106 Successfully converted csv file to sqlite, taking {kbUsed} kb.  
ELQ-00107 There was an error processing the {type}. Delete data from staging area for the definition, re-upload data, and sync. If the same error occurs again you can submit an SR to investigate.
ELQ-00109: Unable to convert file {file} with {converter} converter. File will remain locked and will NOT be processed.  
ELQ-00110 Trying to unlock file {file} on import {importId} for user {userId}. File has been {lockedState}.  
ELQ-00111 Field {field} is not part of import definition, and will be ignored.  
ELQ-00112 identifierFieldName {field} must be contained within Fields, if specified.  
ELQ-00114 Added members to Account List {listId}.  
ELQ-00115 Subscribed members to Email Group {groupId}.  
ELQ-00116 Unsubscribed members from Email Group {groupId}.  
ELQ-00117 Removed members from Account List {listId}.  
ELQ-00118 Removed members from Contact List {listId}.  
ELQ-00119 Added members to Contact List {listId}.  
ELQ-00120 Updated members status to {status} in Cloud Connector Instance {instanceId}.  
ELQ-00121 Field {field} is part of import definition, but not included in file {file}.  
ELQ-00122 Validation errors found on sync {syncId} for user {userId}. Sync will NOT proceed. This indicates there is a validation error with the definition, for which more details on the validation error are provided in the log message. Restart from the beginning with creating a new valid definition.
ELQ-00123 identifierField will be ignored since Activities are never updated.  
ELQ-00124 There was no data available to process.  
ELQ-00125 Constraint failed.  
ELQ-00126 There are no fields to process in the file {file}.  
ELQ-00127 There are no mapped fields in the file {file}.  
ELQ-00128 Updated members status to {status} in service instance {instanceML}.  
ELQ-00129 Initialized internal staging for data transfer.  
ELQ-00130 Total records staged for import.  
ELQ-00131 Deleted internal staging for data transfer.  
ELQ-00132 Campaign not active.  
ELQ-00133 Unable to lock file.  
ELQ-00134 Successfully locked file.  
ELQ-00135 Multiple matched record limit exceeded.  
ELQ-00136 Staging area storage limit exceeded.  
ELQ-00137 Ready for data import processing.  
ELQ-00138 Contacts email marked as subscribed.  
ELQ-00139 Error staging data for sync actions. Delete data from staging area for the definition, re-upload data, and sync. If the same error occurs again you can submit an SR to investigate.
ELQ-00140 Records staged for sync actions. This is an informational message indicating the number of records staged.
ELQ-00141 Error when exporting members to csv file.  
ELQ-00142 Error when exporting members to csv file. Retrying.  
ELQ-00143 Sync Recovery Worker could not recover from sync error. {syncProductType} definition for id {syncReferenceId} has been deleted. This indicates the definition was deleted before the sync completed. Restart from the beginning and be sure to not delete the definition before the sync completes.
ELQ-00144 Total records with rejected fields.  
ELQ-00145 The request failed and will be retried automatically in the specified time.  
ELQ-00146 The sync failed because of a temporary error. Retry the sync after an hour. If the same error occurs again you can submit an SR to investigate.

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