Email groups REST Endpoints

Application/1.0/Email groups
Email Groups are used to control default settings for similar types of emails. For instance, you can set the default header, footer, subscription landing page, and unsubscribe landing page for a set of email newsletters. Then your contacts can subscribe or unsubscribe at the group level to simplify subscription management. As an administrator, you can add or delete groups as required to control email subscriptions. Learn more about email groups.
Create an email group
Method: post
Path: /api/REST/1.0/assets/email/group
Delete an email group
Method: delete
Path: /api/REST/1.0/assets/email/group/{id}
Retrieve a list of email groups
Method: get
Path: /api/REST/1.0/assets/email/groups
Retrieve an email group
Method: get
Path: /api/REST/1.0/assets/email/group/{id}
Update an email group
Method: put
Path: /api/REST/1.0/assets/email/group/{id}