Email headers REST Endpoints

Application/1.0/Email headers
Email headers are used to customize the look and feel of the top of your email. Headers can be used in your emails for branding purposes (your company's logo), to provide links to other (external) resources, or to display the link for a contact to view the email in a browser. Email headers are automatically added to your email after selecting and saving the email group to which it belongs, but you can also select a different header on a per-email basis from the email header chooser. Learn more about email headers.
Create an email header
Method: post
Path: /api/REST/1.0/assets/email/header
Delete an email header
Method: delete
Path: /api/REST/1.0/assets/email/header/{id}
Retrieve a list of email headers
Method: get
Path: /api/REST/1.0/assets/email/headers
Retrieve an email header
Method: get
Path: /api/REST/1.0/assets/email/header/{id}
Update an email header
Method: put
Path: /api/REST/1.0/assets/email/header/{id}