Copying Salesforce fields into Eloqua

With the Salesforce Integration app, Oracle Eloqua users can copy individual Salesforce object fields into a standard Oracle Eloqua object or an Oracle Eloqua custom object. The fields are then available in an action to transfer data from the Oracle Eloqua object to the Salesforce object.

To copy Salesforce fields into an Oracle Eloqua object or custom object:

  1. In the Salesforce Integration app, click Actions.
  2. Click on an action.
  3. Click Copy Salesforce Fields.

    The Copy Salesforce Fields page opens. The Display Name column lists the Salesforce fields which are not currently available in the Oracle Eloqua object source and so can be copied into the object source.

  4. Check the boxes of the fields you want to copy.
  5. Click Copy.

    A status bar displays the copying status. Once the copying is complete, you can retry any failed actions.

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