Adding the Twitter Card service to your landing page

The Twitter Card service allows you to have more granular control of how your content looks within Twitter when someone tweets a link back to your page. This feature provides viewers a preview of your content before they are taken to your landing page.

Important: You should only configure one Twitter Card for each landing page.

In order to use the Twitter Card service, the Twitter Widgets app must be installed by a customer administrator.

To add the Twitter Card service to a landing page:

  1. Open or create a landing page in which you want to embed a tweet.

  2. Click Cloud Content to open the Cloud Content menu, which lists all available content services.

  3. Locate the Twitter Card service, either by scrolling through the list or searching with the search box.

  4. Drag the Twitter Card service onto the asset, and place it where you want it to appear.

  5. Double-click the element to open the configuration screen:

    An image of a Twitter Card Configuration screen.

    1. Username: Enter the Twitter handle of the account this Twitter Card should be attributed to.

    2. Title: Enter a title for the Twitter Card. (Maximum 70 characters.)

    3. Description: Enter a description of the landing page. (Maximum 200 characters.)

    4. Image (optional): Enter the URL of an image, which symbolizes your landing page. The image must be a minimum size of 120px by 120px and must be less than 1MB in file size.

    5. Click Save. When it is finished saving, you see a green Success! bar.
    6. Click the X icon to exit the screen.

    Note: For additional information about the above configuration fields, please see Twitter's developer documentation on Cards.

  6. Click Save to save the asset.

Your landing page content can now be previewed when tweeted.

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