Oracle Eloqua AppCloud apps

Oracle Marketing AppCloud apps let you integrate with various external systems when creating campaigns, emails, and landing pages. Apps include services that you add to the campaign canvas, email, or landing page editors as you would any other element. Apps are developed by Oracle Marketing Apps and by other partners and developers.

Apps provide the following services when added to the campaign canvas:

  • When contacts flow in to an action service, Oracle Eloqua calls out the external system to tell it to perform the action. For example, the Salesforce Campaign Association action service lets you associate a contact to a Salesforce campaign directly from the campaign canvas.
  • AppCloud decision services delegate decision-making to an external system: instead of needing to bring the external system's data into Oracle Eloqua to make the decision, decision services call the external system, which returns yes or no for each client, routing them into the next stages of the campaign. For example, the WebEx integration has decision services that calls out to WebEx to check if a contact is registered for a meeting.
  • AppCloud audience services act much like a segment created in Oracle Eloqua, only contacts are fed directly into the campaign from an external system. When the contacts are fed into the campaign, they are also stored in Oracle Eloqua, so this saves a step.
  • In the email and landing page editors, AppCloud content services let marketers include content from external systems in their assets. Other content services provide easy ways for marketers to include links to other systems. For example, the Social Sharing content service for landing pages adds a series of buttons that visitors can use to share the content on their social networks.

Oracle Cloud Marketplace

You can search for and install new apps in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. The Marketplace contains apps developed by Oracle Marketing Apps as well as by other partners and developers.

An image of the Oracle Cloud Marketplace page.

Oracle Marketing Apps

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Oracle Cloud Marketplace

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