Twitter Social Sign On app

Oracle Eloqua's Twitter Social Sign On app makes it easy for marketers to add a Sign in with Twitter button to their landing pages, which provides your audience with the means to share your content with their social networks. This makes it easier for visitors to complete forms, letting them use existing credentials rather than having to retype things, reducing barriers to participation. It also allows marketers to gather additional information from their audience, augmenting their social profile.

When a visitor clicks on the Sign in with Twitter button, they are directed to Twitter's authorization page, where they can grant permission to your company to use their Twitter information. Then, the information from Twitter is submitted to Oracle Eloqua. Users have the ability to supplement the Twitter information with additional form fields if they want.

The following fields can be captured from Twitter and mapped to an Oracle Eloqua form:

  • Name
  • Twitter Handle
  • Location
  • Profile Image URL
  • URL
  • Twitter ID
  • Followers Count
  • Following Count
  • Language
  • Verified
  • Description
  • Timezone
  • Tweet Count
  • Account Creation Date

You can manage user permissions on this app by following the instructions listed here.

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