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Oracle Eloqua's WebEx integration makes it easy for you to register contacts for WebEx events and meetings as part of your campaigns. The WebEx app lets you make decisions based on attendance or registration without needing to bring your WebEx data into Oracle Eloqua. You can also include a generic Join URL in an email using the cloud content service. This app supports multiple WebEx users. However, WebEx single sign-on is currently not supported.

You can manage user permissions on this app by following the instructions listed here.

Important: To use the WebEx feeder services, the WebEx App must be installed by a customer administrator.

The WebEx app includes the following services, which you will find in the campaign canvas when you install the app:

  • Cloud actions:
    • WebEx meeting registration
    • WebEx event registration
  • Cloud decisions:
    • WebEx meeting registered?
    • WebEx meeting attended?
    • WebEx event registered?
    • WebEx event attended?
  • Cloud audience:
    • WebEx meeting registration feeder
    • WebEx meeting attendance feeder
    • WebEx event registration feeder
    • WebEx event attendance feeder

The following cloud content service is available in the email editor:

  • WebEx content

Next steps

Installing the WebEx app

Registering contacts for a WebEx meeting or event

Routing contacts based on WebEx attendance or registration

Adding contacts to a canvas based on WebEx registration

Adding contacts to a canvas based on WebEx attendance

Adding a WebEx Join URL to your emails

Testing your WebEx decision services configurations

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