Installing the WebEx app

During WebEx app installation, you are able to add multiple WebEx users. These users are selected when configuring the WebEx app services on the campaign canvas and program canvas. WebEx single sign-on is currently not supported.

Important: The installation process must be done from a user account with client administrator rights. As staff changes over time, we recommend using an account that is not tied to a specific person. Such an account will negate the impact of staff changes on the installed apps.

To install the WebEx app:

  1. Follow the URL provided:

    Note: If you have IP allowlists enabled, add internal Eloqua IPs to your allowlist .

  2. Click Get App.
  3. Log in with your Eloqua credentials, if required.
  4. Click Accept and Install to add the app to your Apps list.
  5. Configure the app:

    An image of the WebEx App Configuration window.

    1. WebEx Users: Add one or more WebEx users. You need to specify at least one user to complete the install. You can select a default user for all WebEx services. The company name is first part of your WebEx URL.

      Note: You are able to delete a WebEx user. If you delete a user that was selected in a configured service in your campaign, you will need to select a new user for that service.

      Note: When creating a new user or editing an existing WebEx user, the user's password is needed in order to save the changes. Use the Test Credentials button to verify a user's credentials prior to saving. You can also validate a user's credentials at any time, for example if you believe they may have changed or expired. The previously saved password is used for the validation for existing users.

    2. Field Mapping: Map WebEx's fields to Oracle Eloqua's using the menus in the right-hand panel. This mapping is used when registering a contact for an event or meeting.
    3. Click Save.
  6. Click Sign In to grant permission for the app to communicate with Eloqua on your behalf.
  7. Click Accept or switch users.

The app is now installed and can be viewed in your Apps list (Settings An image of the Settings menu icon, which is represented by a black cog. > Apps, under the Platform Extensions section). Select an app to view a description, modify the configuration settings, reinstall, or uninstall it. You can also check its status and dependencies.

Warning: To modify configuration settings, navigate to Apps, select your app, and click the Configure icon An image of the Settings menu icon, which is represented by a black cog.. Selecting the Reinstall icon An image of the Reinstall icon, which is represented by an arrow pointing down towards a horizontal line. will force you to go through the entire configuration process again. The app will be unavailable for all users during the reinstall. All existing assets, configurations and history are preserved when you reinstall an app. Also, you can choose to delete an app by clicking the Uninstall An image of the Uninstall icon, which is represented by a black garbage can.. In this case, all current assets, configurations, and history are permanently deleted.


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