Eloqua-WeChat Integrator app

The Eloqua-WeChat Integrator app allows you to send messages to followers of your WeChat® official account using an Oracle Eloqua campaign. This app captures WeChat followers' public information into an Oracle Eloqua contact record. It also captures some WeChat activity data from the WeChat official account as external activity in Oracle Eloqua.

To use the WeChat channel with Eloqua, install the app and add your WeChat official accounts to the app configuration.

WeChat users subscribe by scanning the quick response (QR) code of your WeChat official account in an advertisement. Once users follow your account, they receive a welcome message, are directed to a landing page, and are asked to complete an Eloqua registration form. The form information, including followers' WeChat public information, is recorded in Eloqua contact records.

Once contacts are created or updated, you can use the campaign canvas to tag your followers and to send them WeChat messages. You can send messages to all your followers, by tag, or by segment.

You can also invite followers to an event, send them electronic tickets, and use a mini program to verify tickets at the event.

You can create referral activities to encourage WeChat users to invite their friends to participate by offering a gift.

You can track follower activity, such as clicking links and menus, scanning a QR code, and unfollowing an account. You can use this tracking data and WeChat profile information with Oracle Eloqua features, such as segmentation, lead scoring, and decision steps to further personalize your messages.

WeChat®, 微信®, and the WeChat and 微信 Logos are registered trademarks of Tencent Technology (Shen Zhen) Company Ltd. Used under license.

You can manage user permissions on this app by following the instructions listed here.

Next steps

Installing the Eloqua-WeChat Integrator app

Adding WeChat official accounts

Configuring the welcome message

Creating a registration landing page

Creating WeChat messages

Mapping template messages

Creating a template with a mini program

Managing auto reply messages

Sending WeChat messages

Using the QR code content service

Collecting follower information through a chat session

Synchronizing subscription status

Tagging followers

Managing WeChat menus

Managing events

Managing WeChat referral activities

Viewing WeChat reports


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