Infinity Action Center app

Important: This feature is currently released under our Controlled Availability program. To request access to this feature, please log in to My Oracle Support and create a service request. Note that access to this feature is not guaranteed and will be evaluated based on customer needs.

The Infinity Action Center app allows you to obtain Oracle Infinity data and use it in your Eloqua campaigns. This feeder service allows you to add contacts into a campaign based on general or specific sequences of activities in real time. First, build a "stream" in Oracle Infinity. Next, include sequences of specific page views on your corporate website as rules of when to feed a contact into a campaign.

Example: You may want to send contacts into a campaign when they have watched a video on a web site. Depending on whether a contact watched the entire video, your can send the contact to a re-targeting path or to a path where, after an interval, the contact is sent more information.

You can manage user permissions on this app by following the instructions listed here.

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