Adding a Twitter Follow button to your landing page

A Follow button can be added to your landing page to define someone to follow (typically your brand). This feature makes it easier for visitors to follow your brand on Twitter. The follower count can also be displayed next to the Follow button.

In order to add a Follow button, the Twitter Widgets app must be installed by a customer administrator.

To add a Follow button to a landing page:

  1. Open or create a landing page in which you want to embed a tweet.

  2. Click Cloud Content to open the Cloud Content menu, which lists all available content services.

  3. Locate the Twitter Follow service, either by scrolling through the list or searching with the search box.

  4. Drag the Twitter Follow service onto the asset, and place it where you want it to appear.

  5. Double-click the element to open the configuration screen:

    An image of the Twitter Follow Button Configuration screen.

    1. Twitter Handle: Enter the Twitter handle of the Twitter account to be followed.

    2. Follower Count: Check the check box if you would like the follower count to be displayed next to the Follow button.

    3. Button Language: Select a language for the Follow button to be displayed in.

    4. Follow Button Size: Select the size of the Follow button: medium or large.

      Tip: Button width varies depending on whether there is a follower count displayed. Below are the heights and widths of medium and large Follow buttons in pixels:

      • Medium button height = 20px
      • Medium button width without follower count= 158px
      • Medium button width with follower count = 240px
      • Large button height = 28px
      • Large button width without follower count = 238px
      • Large button width with follower count = 323px
    5. Click Save. When it is finished saving, you see a green Success! bar.

    6. Click the X icon to exit the screen.

  6. Click Save to save the asset.

The Follow button is now available on your landing page.


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