Data retention

Oracle Eloqua retains data related to marketing activities for 25 months past the activity date. The audit log history retained can vary. The following table outlines the Oracle Eloqua retention policy.

Note: Contact, account, and custom object records are not included in this retention policy.

Area Retention policy
Contact data After you delete a contact, Oracle Eloqua keeps information from the contact record indefinitely. Learn more about contact data Oracle Eloqua retains and restores when you delete contacts.
Emails Emails sent to a contact are automatically prevented from being sent to the same contact again for at least 25 months after the email send date, unless explicitly permitted by the user.

Email send preview history available for 120 days.

Cloud content history available for 30 days.
Form submission data Form submission data in Eloqua Insight is available for 25 months. For additional information, please read our Topliners post regarding this change.
Import Data import audit history is available for 180 days.
Marketing activities from campaigns, forms, emails, and website activity Data is available for 25 months from the activity date.
Security group Security group audit history is available for 365 days.
User profile User profile audit history is available for 365 days.

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