Requesting campaign approval

Request reviews for your campaigns once your administrator has configured the campaign approvals workflow

To request campaign approval:

  1. Navigate to Orchestration An image of the Orchestration icon., then click Campaigns.

  2. Open an existing campaign, or create a new one.
  3. Click Actions An image of the Actions button, then click Approvals.
  4. Click the field below each stage to open a drop-down list of names.

    Note: Only reviewers who were added when you configured the stage will appear on this list. In the example below, the stages Content Review and Branding Compliance have been created and configured.

    An image of the Approval window. It shows the Content Review and Branding Compliance stages.

  5. Specify the appropriate reviewer for each stage by typing and clicking the appropriate user name. After the reviewer is added successfully, their name appears in the field with an X next to it.

    Note: If you need to remove the name from the field, click the X next to the name.

  6. Click Save after adding a reviewers to each stage.
  7. Click Request Approval when you are ready to send out the approvals request.

An email is sent to the approvers requesting that they review the content assigned to them. The sender of the email is shown as Eloqua Notifier.

The following information is included in the approval request email:

  • The name of the person requesting approval.
  • The stage in the approval process for which approval is being requested.
  • The name of the campaign.
  • The name of the segment for the first step in the approval process.
  • If it is a segment that is being reviewed for approval, the total number of contacts included in that segment.

    An image of an approval request email.

When the approval is in progress, the status button of your campaign changes to the name of the current step in the workflow.

Example: In the following image, the campaign is at the Content Review stage:
An image of the Content Review status button.

While the campaign approval is in progress, the reviewers will either approve or reject the campaign stages.

  • If all stages are approved: The Approvals button in the top-right corner of the canvas changes to Activate, and the campaign can now be activated.
  • If a stage is rejected: The approvals process stops and the campaign reverts back to Draft status. The reason for rejection is captured on the history tab along with the reviewer's comments:

    An image of the History tab showing a rejected campaign stage.

Note: While a campaign approval is in progress, the campaign can still be edited. However, after the campaign is edited, the Approve and Reject buttons next to a stage are no longer visible, and the approvals process must be re-initiated from the beginning.

While a campaign approval is in progress, you can check the approval status at any time.

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