Deleting contact fields

You can remove an account field that is no longer in use or required.

Before you begin:

  • When you delete a contact field, any data associated to that field is deleted and cannot be recovered or reported on.
  • You cannot delete the default contact fields. These fields appear in bold.
  • You must resolve all dependencies before you delete the contact field. A dependency could exist, for example, if the field is used in a view. You can check whether there are dependencies by right-clicking the contact field and selecting Show Field Dependencies.

To delete a contact field:

  1. Click Settings An image of the Settings menu icon, which is represented by a black cog..
  2. Click Fields & Views in the Database Setup area.
  3. Expand the Contact Fields list on the Fields tab.
  4. Select the contact field you want to delete, and click Delete An image of the Delete icon..

    The Dependency Checker runs to determine if any other objects are dependent on this field. If there are dependencies, the Dependency Check dialog opens.

  5. If there are dependencies, review and resolve them.
    • To view the a dependent object, click the dependency and click Open. If this button is disabled, you must manually remove the dependency.
    • To cancel the deletion, click Cancel.

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