Enabling subscriptions to contact field changes

You can use a listener step in your Oracle Eloqua contact program to listen for changes to a contact field. You can enable up to 10 contact fields that can be subscribed to from a program capped at 1 million contacts updated per day (for the entire instance) using field tracking. To do this, add the contact fields to a tracked fields list. A program can listen for changes to the fields and initiate actions in real-time. Each contact field that you enable can only be added to one program. Learn more about subscribing to contact field changes using a contact program.

Note: This feature cannot be enabled for Large Text, Multi-select Picklist and read-only fields such as the Email Address Domain field. However, the read-only field Fatigue Level can be tracked if your account has the Eloqua Advanced Intelligence Cloud Service.

To enable a contact field for program subscriptions:

  1. Click Settings An image of the Settings menu icon, which is represented by a black cog..
  2. Click Fields & Views in the Database Setup area.
  3. Click the Tracked Fields tab.
  4. Click An image of the Add button. and then click Add Contact Field.
  5. Select the contact field from the list and click Add.

After a contact field is in the list, click An image of the Delete icon. to delete it. You can only delete the field if there are no program dependencies.

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