Oracle Eloqua Advanced Intelligence Cloud Service

Important: Contact your account representative to learn more about the Eloqua Advanced Intelligence Cloud Service.

The Eloqua Advanced Intelligence Cloud Service supports marketers as they create content and helps them strategize how to send that content to contacts. Eloqua Advanced Intelligence Cloud Service provides data related to subject line performance, contact email fatigue, account engagement, and a contact's optimal send time. This in-depth data helps guide you in your decision making by automating the data collection you need to make strategic decisions.

  • Fatigue Analysis helps marketers avoid customer burnout and disengagement. With Fatigue Analysis, you can identify how fatigued your contacts are by your emails, and change your message frequency to reduce disengagement and minimize opt-outs. A contact's Fatigue Level is generated using AI and stored within a system contact field that makes this information available across Oracle Eloqua, including for use throughout segmentation, orchestration, personalization, lead scoring, and analytics.
  • Account Intelligence leverages the Account Engagement Score to give you a clear-cut view of each account's level of engagement. Each account is assigned an Account Engagement Score, from 0 to 100 (the higher the score, the more engaged an account is). Additionally, Eloqua's Account Performance dashboard provides a single view of an account’s marketing activities, and the Top Account by Engagement Score chart compares an account's engaged contacts to engaged activities.
  • Send Time Optimization: Send Time Optimization allows marketers to send emails at the optimal time for each contact. It helps marketers engage more effectively with contacts, gaining contacts' attention when they are historically most attentive to their emails.
  • Subject Line Optimization: Monitoring the performance of all of your previous subject lines, Oracle Eloqua predicts if your latest subject line will be above or below the average for your instance, giving you the insight to optimize subject lines before even clicking send.

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