An account, also known as a company, is a data entity that contains explicit data around a customer account or prospective account in the Eloqua database. Along with contacts, accounts are used as building blocks for segments, and are central to account-based marketing.

Accounts are located and managed in the Accounts Overview area. You can create a record for a single account by entering in the values for each account field, or you can upload data for multiple accounts all at once by uploading a file with multiple accounts field data. To automate this process, accounts can be periodically updated via a scheduled data import from an FTP or SFTP source, or derived from CRM data and CRM autosynchs.

Account activities are categorized and searchable in Eloqua using the Company Name and City account fields. While you can technically have more than one account with the exact same name in the Company Name field, it is recommended that you avoid this for the purposes of search results, segmentation, reporting, and account linkage.

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