A contact is a data entity that contains the explicit data around an individual person in the database.

Contacts (and associated accounts) are used as the primary building blocks for segments. Contact information can be derived from email responses or form submissions, from website visits, event registrations or via external (non-Eloqua) activities. Contact activities are categorized and searchable in Eloqua using a Unique Identifier field. The most common unique identifier is the contact's email address, however it is also possible to have contacts in your Eloqua database that do not have an associated email address. Learn more about adding contacts without an email address.

Eloqua has two different types of standard data entities:

  • Contacts: Individuals whose data is stored in the Eloqua database,
    An image of the New Contact Configuration window with the Field Details tab selected.
  • Accounts: Records about accounts (sometimes referred to as Companies), each of which has affiliated contacts.
    An image of the New Account Configuration window.

An image of the PDF icon. Download the Contacts User Guide.

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