Viewing contacts in a filter

You can view contact information and the amount of contacts that are returned from the marketing database through a contact filter.

Viewing the number of contacts in a contact filter

  1. Navigate to Audience An image of the Audience icon. > Segments.

  2. Open an existing segment or create a new one.
  3. Click the An image of the Add button. button and select Filter Criteria .
  4. Add criteria from the list on the right panel, then configure it.
  5. Click the An image of the Refresh icon button to obtain the results of your query. It may take a few seconds before the results are displayed.

An image of selected criteria displaying the number of contacts returned by that filter.

Note: If there are multiple filter criteria in this segment, then the total number of contacts for all filters in the segment will be displayed at the top. There may be crossover between filters, so the total number of unique contacts will not necessarily be an exact sum of each filter's included contacts.

Tip: If you want to view the contacts in a Filter Criteria, but it's been more than 24 hours since the segment was last calculated, click An image of the calculate button to refresh the segment first. You can then view the filter's contacts in your segment by right-clicking the Filter Criteria then clicking View Contacts...

Viewing contact information from a contact filter

  1. Navigate to Audience An image of the Audience icon. > Tools, then click Shared Filters.

  2. Open an existing Contact Filter or create a new one.

  3. Click Export.
  4. Configure the following fields:
  5. An image of the Shared Filters configuration dialog.

    • Enter the email address for the contact information to be sent to.
    • Choose which fields are included in the exported data.
    • Choose the format the exported data is sent in.

  6. Click Export.

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