Creating segments

Segments are groups of contacts that grouped together based on criteria you specify. A segment may be a list of contacts you provide, or it may be more dynamic based on implicit or explicit information about the contact. After you create a segment it can be used throughout Oracle Eloqua.

To create a new segment:

  1. Navigate to Audience An image of the Audience icon., then click Segments.
  2. Click Create a Segment.
  3. Click Blank Segment or a template, then click Choose.
  4. To build your segment, in the left pane, click Add An image of the Add button.. Then click one of the following options.

    An image of the contact population options.

    • Filter criteria: Filter contacts based on implicit or explicit data about the contact. For example, filter for a hot lead score or engaged contacts. Or filter based on contact or account fields. Filters are a powerful component of segmentation and you can include multiple filters to make sure you reach your target audience.

      Important: Filtering on activities only searches from up to 1 year of historical records (except Subscription and Bounceback, which search up to 10 years). For example, if you set up an activity-based filter criterion of before 5/15/2019, the actual period of search is between 5/14/2018 and 5/14/2019. Additionally, the filter cannot search more than 2 years from the current date. For example, if today's date is 3/18/2019, and you set up an activity-based filter criterion of before 4/22/2007, the filter will search between 3/18/2017 and 3/18/2018. That is, if you set the filter criterion to search further than two years from the current date, the filter will instead search two years back from the current date.

    • Individual contacts: Add individual contacts from your database.
    • Uploading contacts: Upload contacts from an upload file.
    • Shared filter or shared list: Use a shared filter or list available to you.

    Tip: You can rearrange segment elements by dragging and dropping.

  5. Choose any additional options:
  6. Click Save.

After you save the segment, Oracle Eloqua calculates the number of contacts in the segment. You can click Refresh An image of the Refresh icon to see the latest totals.

An image showing a segment's contact count

Tip: The more criteria you add, the longer it can take to refresh the segment totals. Each criterion must be evaluated against the entire contact database. So, the fewer criteria, the faster the segment totals can be returned.

When a segment is added to a campaign or to a program, the segment becomes Active and you cannot delete it. From a campaign canvas or program canvas, users can also see how many contacts the segment includes. However, the totals shown on the canvas might not be the same as the totals you see for the segment itself. See Tracking segment members in campaigns or programs for more information.

You can change an Active segment, but changes you make can impact active campaigns or programs.

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