Uploading contacts directly to segments

You can use an upload file to add contacts to a segment. Any new contacts are automatically added to your contact database. Depending on how your configure the upload wizard, any existing contact records could be updated with new information you provide in the upload file.

Before you begin:

  • Create your upload file (.txt, .csv, .xls, .xlsx). The upload file should only contain the contacts that you want to add or update.
  • Separate contact fields in a .csv or .txt file using a comma (,), pipe (|), tab, or semi-colon (;).
  • Any field may be quoted (with double quotes).
  • Fields containing a line-break, double-quote or the selected delimiter must be quoted.
  • If double-quotes are used to enclose fields, then a double-quote in a field must be represented by two double-quote characters.
  • The first row of the file must be column headings. Oracle Eloqua will attempt to map the headings to existing contact fields.
  • Make sure that you can map the data in your upload file to contact fields in Oracle Eloqua. Use similar naming conventions in your upload file to make this mapping easier.
  • Make sure that contacts in your upload file have a unique identifier (such as an email address).

To upload contacts to a segment:

  1. Navigate to AudienceAn image of the Audience icon., then click Segments.
  2. Open an existing segment, or create a new one.
  3. Click Add An image of the Add icon in the left pane, then click Upload Contacts An image of the Upload Contacts icon..

    An image of the Contact Upload Wizard

  4. Click An image of the upload icon. and browse to the upload file.

    The upload wizard continues to step 2.

    An image of the second page of the contact upload wizard

  5. Verify the contents of the file on the Review tab and click Next Step.

    An image of the third page of the contact upload wizard

  6. Complete the Map Fields window.
    • Make sure you map all the data in your upload file to the applicable contact field.
    • Make sure that you select when you want the contact fields to update using the All Fields Update Type drop-down list. For example, update the field if it is blank or not blank. Using Set to default will use the default configuration for each field. If a specific field should be updated differently than the rest, you can double-click the field and configure the update type for that specific field.
  7. Click Next Step.

    An image of the final page of the contact upload wizard

  8. Complete the final step of the wizard and click Finish.
  9. To give your criteria a descriptive name or brief description, in the left pane, double-click the filter name or description. This will help you easily identify the segment's criteria.

    An image of a segment being renamed.

Click the An image of the Add button. icon in the left pane to add more contacts using filter criteria, an upload file, or by choosing individual contacts.


If your accounts didn't upload as expected, see this troubleshooting information.

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