Searching and viewing contact records

Each contact in Oracle Eloqua has a record providing their details about the contact, their subscription preferences, and activities.

To search for and view a contact record:

  1. Navigate to Audience An image of the Audience icon., then click Contacts.
  2. In the Search bar in the upper-right corner, enter a search string. You can search by: 
    • First and Last Name
    • Email Address
    • Email Address Domain
    • Title

    Note: This search is not case-sensitive.

    An image of a red arrow pointing from the search bar towards the search results.

  3. Select a contact from the search results. Then, do one of the following:
    • Double-click the contact.
    • Right-click the contact, then select Open.

    The Edit Contact window opens.

    An image of the Edit Contact Configuration window with the Summary tab selected.

    The following describes the tabs available: 

    • Summary: This tab includes basic information about the contact including recent activity, their global subscription status, SMS subscription status, their physical address and sales rep (if applicable).
    • Field Details: This tab provides the contact record details. Choose the contact view you want to use to update the fields displayed. Learn more about creating contact views.
    • Preferences - Email: This tab shows the contact's email preferences, group subscription status, the status on the contact's email address, and the format in which the contact receives emails (Rich HTML or Text Only).
    • Preferences - SMS: This tab shows the contact's SMS preferences, phone number subscription status, phone number status, and the validity of the phone number. Learn more about SMS preferences.
    • Campaigns: This tab shows the contact's campaign responses. Choose a time frame to view the contact's campaign activity. Learn more about campaign responses.
    • Activity Log: This tab shows the activity history for this contact for the last year, such as contact's email and SMS activity, campaign or program entry, and so on. Choose a time frame to view, and optionally filter by activity type. You can view detailed campaign and program step information by choosing the Campaign Entry, Program Entry, or Program Builder activity types and then double-clicking the activity to drill down to a detailed report.

      Warning: The Campaign Entry and Campaign Membership reports in the Activity Log on the contact record are currently not available for clients with more than 4000 campaigns. An error message is displayed when accessing these reports.

    • Scoring: This tab shows lead scoring information for this contact. You can double-click a lead score to drill down to a detailed report of the lead score history for the selected scoring model. You can view lead score history for the last year. Learn more about lead scoring.
    • Linked Records: This tab shows linked custom objects and custom object records for this contact. Learn more about Learn more about custom objects.
    • Authenticated Access: If you use authenticate microsites, this tab shows the authenticated microsites the contact has been added to. Learn more about authenticated microsites.
    • Most Engaged Time: If you use Eloqua Advanced Intelligence Cloud Service, this tab displays the contact's top 3 most engaged day and time combinations. This information can be useful for passing on to your sales team for specific leads, or if you need to compare a contact's activity log to their most engaged times. The Most Engaged Time is displayed in your time zone. Learn more about send time optimization.

    Note: You can also view the contact's activity using Profiler. To view the contact record in Profiler, click Launch in Profiler. Learn more about Profiler.

    Screenshot of profiler on desktop

  4. When you are finished viewing the record, click Cancel to close the window.

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