Data import and export

Oracle Eloqua enables you to import or export contacts or accounts. You can do this one-time or schedule imports or exports to occur on a regular basis. For example, you might need to export contact information so that you can maintain internal lists or import contacts after a trade show.

The following table describes the methods that you can use to import or export contacts or accounts:

Goal Method Description
Upload contact or account data
  • Upload wizard
  • Data import tool
If you want to upload contact or account data on a one-time basis, you can use the upload wizard (available from Audience > Contacts or form Audience > Accounts). See Uploading contacts and Uploading accounts for more information.

If you want to schedule the upload to occur regularly or if you want to upload from an SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) server, you can use the import tool (available from Audience > Tools > Data Export and Import). See Importing contacts or accounts for more information.

You can use these methods to:

  • Add or update contacts or accounts
  • Unsubscribe contacts
  • Identify contacts with hard bouncebacks
  • Delete contacts or accounts
Export contact or account data
  • Segment export
  • Data export tool
For a one-time export of contacts or accounts, you export the members of a segment. See Exporting segment contacts for more information.

If you need to schedule the export to occur regularly, you can use the export tool (available from Audience > Tools > Data Export and Import). Using this tool, you can export all contacts, or use contacts in a segment or contact list. You can download the export file or store it on your own SFTP server. See Exporting contacts or accounts for more information.

Note: For a programmatic way to import or export your account or contact data, you can use the Bulk API. This RESTful API is designed to support high volume data transfers and can be used for CRM and data warehousing integrations or extending Oracle Eloqua's functionality. See the Oracle Eloqua Developer Help Center for more information.

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