Creating contact views

You can create a new contact view, including the name, section headings, and contact fields.

To create a new contact view:

  1. Click Settings An image of the Settings menu icon, which is represented by a black cog..

  2. Click Fields & Views in the Database Setup area.

  3. Click the Views tab.

    An image of the Fields and Views window with the Views tab selected.

  4. Click Add An image of the Add button., then select Add Contact View.
  5. Enter the name of the new contact view in the View name field.
  6. Click Add An image of the Add the View Designer section, and select Add Contact Field.

  7. Click the drop-down list and select the field you want to add.
  8. Click Add to add the field to your view. Once added, it will appear in the list of fields for your view.
  9. Click Save.

Your contact view has been created. For more information on configuring contact views, see editing contact views.

If you delete a contact view, the Dependency Checker runs to determine if any other objects are dependent on this view. If there are dependencies, the Dependency Check dialog box opens to allow you to edit (re-assign) or delete (remove from the application) these dependencies. All dependencies must be resolved before you can delete the view.

  • Click Cancel to end the Delete Company Field procedure if you do not want to edit or delete these dependencies.
  • Click Edit to assign a dependency to a different company field, the relevant Edit dialog box opens to allow you to make changes.
  • Click Delete to delete a dependency, a message box opens to verify deletion.

Repeat this process for each dependency listed.

Note: When you delete a dependency, you are permanently removing that marketing object from the application. You can check whether there are any dependencies associated with this view prior to attempting to delete it by right-clicking on the name of the view and selecting Show View Dependencies.

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