Secure site tracking with first-party cookies

Note: To enable first-party cookie support, please log in to My Oracle Support and create a service request. Review this knowledge base article for more information on what to include in your request.

A secure website is a website that's encrypted with Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Additional configuration is required to deploy first-party cookies over secure sites. The tracking domain needs to be configured as a secure microsite in Oracle Eloqua and must have an SSL certificate associated to it. Learn more about installing an SSL certificate and setting up secure microsites.

If this tracking domain is used in the tracking scripts, when a first-party cookie is dropped, the browser will not display any warning messages regarding mixed content and successfully drop a first-party cookie.

After My Oracle Support has enabled first-party cookie tracking for your site and you've set up your secure microsite, tracking scripts are implemented the same as documented in Basic page view tracking with first-party cookies

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Basic page view tracking with first-party cookies

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