Embedding Engage in CRM onDemand

When embedding Engage in CRM onDemand, there are two main steps that you must follow:

  1. Create a web applet
  2. Add the web applet to a page layout

Note: You will need to create two applets – one for leads and one for contacts. The instructions below are for Contacts but you can follow the same procedure for Leads.

Step 1: Creating a web applet for contact and leads


  • Build an allowlist of the domains that will be hosting embedded Engage pages. Learn more in the Configuring Engage topic.

To create a web applet:

  1. Login to CRM onDemand with your Administrator credentials.
  2. Navigate to User > Configure > Admin.

    An image of the Admin option.

  3. Click Application Customization.
  4. Under Record Type Setup, click Contact.
  5. Under Pay Layout Management, click Contact Web Applet, then enter the information below:

    • Name: Enter a name. ( Example: Contact Engage)
    • Location: Select Detail Page
    • Type: Select URL

    • URL: Enter one off the following URLs

      • Direct: https://login.eloqua.com/apps/embed/salesTools/engage?emailAddress%3D%%%Email_Address%%%

      • Auto-login: https://login.eloqua.com/autoLogin?LoginPrefix={prefix}&Url=/apps/embed/salesTools/engage?emailAddress%3D%%%Email_Address%%%
      • SAML: https://login.eloqua.com/auth/saml2/autologin?CheckFrame=false&LoginPrefix={prefix}&ReturnUrl=/apps/embed/salesTools/engage?emailAddress%3D%%%Email_Address%%%
    • Height: Enter 800

    An image of the Contact Web Applet window.

  6. Click Save.

Step 2: Adding webs applet to page layouts

To add an applet to a page layout

  1. Navigate to User > Configure > Admin.
  2. Click Application Customization.
  3. Under Page Layout Management, click Contact Page Layout.
  4. Choose the page layout that you want to modify

    Note: It is not necessary to configure Steps 2 or 3. Click Step 4 (Related Information) to continue.

  5. In the Not Available Information column, locate the web applet that you created, then highlight it (single left-click) and click the > arrow to move it to the Available Information column.
  6. Select the applet in the Available Information column, then click the > arrow to move it to the Displayed Information column.
  7. Click Finish.

Important: Repeat the above steps for Leads

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