Engage is one of Eloqua's Sales Tools. It alleviates the need to constantly recreate emails that are frequently used throughout the sales process. Ensuring sales professionals are using marketing-approved messaging, branding and content, it also allows for personalization and tracking of each email sent. Engage's responsive design makes it easy for sales professionals to send relevant, trackable emails on the go from their mobile phones and tablets.

An image of an Engage email being composed on a mobile device.An image of an Engage email on a tablet.

What's in it for the marketing side of the house?

  • Create your "sales-emails" in the same place you create your regular marketing campaign emails.
  • Control the marketing content your sales team sends out to their prospects.
  • When sales adds a new contact on the fly, it is synchronized with Eloqua and your CRM.
  • Emails sent through Engage are recorded in Eloqua and within the CRM and Profiler on the contact record.

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Note: Before you can access the responsive version of Engage, it must be installed in your Eloqua instance. Once installed, the customer administrator can customize the options that appear to those using the program. Learn more about installing and configuring Engage.

An image of the PDF icon. Download the Engage User Guide.

Note: The content in the PDF user guide is the same as our online help.

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