Supported environments

Eloqua runs on most modern web browsers, on both the Windows and Mac OS operating systems.

A (Best Choice): Browsers tested against a comprehensive new feature and regression test suite to provide a good experience with all functionality.

B (Functional): Browsers with limited testing but assumed to be as fully functional as an A browser. Often a new version of an A browser that was released after the last Eloqua release.

C (Limited): Older browsers that can access the application but may not support all functionality. These browsers are not tested and Oracle may decide not to address known issues.

F: Unsupported browsers.

Browser support

A (Best Choice) B (Functional) C (Limited)

Firefox 72

Chrome 79


Firefox 71

Chrome 78

Firefox 70 or earlier

Chrome 78 or earlier

IE 11

Chromium Edge

Sales Tools supported environments

Below is a list of devices on which (responsive) Profiler, Engage, and Mobile Campaign Manager can be accessed, along with the current support for each:

Hardware Mac PC
Operating System Mac OS X Windows 7   Windows 10
Browser FF (72) Chrome
Chrome (79) FF (72) IE (11) Chrome (79) FF (72) IE (11) Edge
Profiler B B A A C B B C C
Engage B B A A C B B C C


  Apple Android
Operating System iOS 13.1.2 iOS 13.1.1 or earlier Nougat 7.x Marshmallow 6.x Lollipop 5.x or earlier
Profiler A B B A B
Engage A B B A B
Mobile Campaign Manager A B B A B