Mobile campaign manager

Eloqua's Mobile Campaign Manager is a mobile site designed for iOS and Android devices that allows marketers to activate, deactivate, and monitor their campaigns directly from their mobile devices. The mobile campaign manager provides quick insight into the status of your campaigns, and on-the-go flexibility. Marketers can also schedule and unschedule simple email campaigns using the mobile campaign manager.

To use the mobile campaign manager, it must be installed by a customer administrator.

Once installed, mobile campaign manager can be accessed by navigating to the following URL:


An image of the central screen of the Mobile Campaign Manager.

The central screen of the mobile campaign manager lists your recently-viewed campaigns, and visually indicates their status, either draft, scheduled, or active. The navigation bar at the top of the screen includes the Oracle An image of the Oracle logo. logo, which you can use to return to the Recently Viewed screen at any time, a magnifying glass icon An image of a magnifying glass for opening the search bar. that opens the search bar, and a menu icon An image of the menu icon. from which you can log out of the application.

Tapping on a campaign either in the Recent Campaigns screen or from the search results shows the campaign info screen.

Campaigns in a draft state have the option to activate the campaign, and in the case of simple email campaigns, to schedule it.

An image of a page for editing a campaign's start date.

Scheduled campaigns include a button to deactivate the campaign and prevent it from proceeding.

Active campaigns show the campaign information and also include a deactivation button so you can deactivate the campaign. For simple email campaigns, there are also campaign statistics, like the number of emails sent, opened, clickthroughs and conversions.

An image of an active campaign's stats.

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